Discover How To Win More Quibids Auctions By Using Less Bids

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Dear Quibids Bidder,

If you’re like most bidders you’re probably sick and tired of losing auctions and wasting tons of money on bids. Does this sound about right? Does it feel like you just can’t get ahead no matter how many bids you stock pile? Guess what? You’re not alone.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many auctions I lost before I discovered a way to beat the house almost every single time.

It’s Payback Time! Getting Your First Win Will Make Up For The Losses

It’s frustrating yet addicting, you desperately want to win but it seems impossible because just when you think you have it, someone else comes in and sweeps up that prize.

This happens to bidders all the time, in fact I can confidently assume that Quibids probably wants it to happen even more. You have to ask yourself one question. Does a Casino want you to win? I don’t think so.

You have to remember folks, even though Quibids offers amazing products at mind boggling prices, their main goal, just like any other business is to make a profit.

The daily profits that Quibids rakes in mostly come from inexperienced bidders wasting bids like they were going out of style. Bidders like you!

Blinded by the possibility of success of past winners they jump in without a life jacket hoping to get a piece of the pie. Now I’m not saying that people don’t get lucky, they do, even I’ve gotten lucky myself. But I’ll be the first to tell you that..

Luck Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do With Winning

The secret to success at Quibids is not about luck, but more about opportunity, like a game of poker! The only people who believe that winning at quibids is pure luck are the suckers who keep losing and giving them their hard earned cash.

I don’t want to bash current members, it’s really not my intent. But even I can admit that losing money isn’t fun, I kept buying bids and wasting them. But that all changed with BidProApp. Even though I lost a ton of cash bidding, my first win with this simple tool more than made up for it.

Take a moment and imagine putting on a blindfold, getting into your car, and driving to the grocery store without headlights at night. I think you’ll agree that doing that is not only a dumb idea, but dangerous too.

We rely on our vision to help us see where we’re going and we rely on our headlights to shine the path and guide us. So how can we expect to get to a win if we’re not given the proper tools to do so?

BidProApp Guarantees Your First Major Win At Quibids

Imagine sitting at a poker table and knowing exactly what cards every player is holding. That’s exactly what it feels like using BidProApp for Quibids.

Here’s What a Typical Quibids Auction Screen Looks Like Without Bidproapp

Quibids Auction Screen

You’ll notice that the bidding history panel to the right of the screen is only showing you the most recent 10 or so bidders.

If you don’t know how many people are bidding, it’s virtually impossible to come up with a great strategy. The only way to do so is by having access to crucial data regarding each auction you bid on.

Here’s What a Typical Quibids Auction Screen Looks Like Running the BidProApp Plug-in

Bid Pro App Screen Shot

Here’s How You Win At Quibids

The most important factors in every quibids auctions are;

  • The Amount of Current Live Bidders in an Auction
  • Number of Bids Placed By Each User
  • Winning and Losing History For Each Active Bidder
  • Historical Average Past Winning Values On That Item

If you’re serious about winning your first auction or want to recoup the costs of some of those losses click on “Let Me In” and get on the list! After you sign up on the waiting list, make sure to join over 8,000 Quibids users and sign up below to get my “BidProApp for Quibids Auction Killer” guide below. In it, I’ll share with you advanced strategies to dominate your competition and rake in prizes by the truckloads.

Why Quibids Hates Bidproapp Users
Knowing how many people are currently bidding, past the measly quibids 10 user history allows you to quickly assess and analyze if an auction is getting too hot.

If there’s too much competition and you’re running low on bids it’s better to move on and wait for another.

If you do decide to jump in, knowing how many bids each bidder has placed is extremely valuable, especially when you know their winning and losing history.

So for example, let’s say user1 has only placed 7 bids, but you access his historical data and it shows you that he or she has won over 50 auctions, well you can rest assured that they’re going to be gunning pretty hard towards the end.

But when is the end?

Well that’s when item history comes into play. You see Quibids relists popular items very often and it’s to your advantage to know what this TV has sold for in the past. So you can see how knowing this information will give you a huge advantage over your competition. (More On This In My Free Guide)

By now this is probably a no brainer, the only thing that’s left to do is show you how to get it. Unfortunately, BidProApp membership spots are limited. In order to get access to the analytics tool you have to sign up to see if there are any open spots. Not everyone will be able to join, patience is key here.

I do encourage you to take this opportunity and sign up. You certainly don’t have to but remember that success and luck are always tied by a great opportunity.

Once you’re on the list, we’ll email you as soon as a spot pops open.

Here’s What You’ll Get With Bidproapp

BidProApp is software that works with your browser to give you data on quibids that other users simply don’t have access to.

  • A Plug-in That Works Seamlessly With Your Browser Which Provides You With..
  • Current Auction Information- know everything about your competition
  • Historical Auction Information
  • # of Current Bidders
  • # of Bids Placed per auction in total and by each bidder
  • User Specific Statistics
  • Winning and Losing Patterns For All Bidders
  • Historical Price Analysis by Auction Item
  • Easy Of Use
  • And Much More!

Don’t risk losing all your bids in a blind bidding war with your competition. Instead, dominate them with BidProApp and leave them in the dust. The membership is limited so make sure sign up, you’ll be notified once a spot opens up.

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